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Order Now for a Merry Christmas & a Flavorful New Year!   Order Now for a Merry Christmas & a Flavorful New Year!   Order Now for a Merry Christmas & a Flavorful New Year!

We are offering you delicious mouth-watering chef-made meals.

Medium turkey $66.99

Big size turkey $95.99

Mashed potatoes and turkey Gravy $9.99

Roasted sweet potatoes $9.99

Stuffing $9.99

Green bean casserole $9.99

Honey Baked Ham $12.99

Cranberry sauce $4.99

Corn bread $12.99

Pumpkin and cream cheese cake $50

Peppered Turkey wings Small tray $65

Turkey bites peppersoup Small tray $60

Goatmeat peppersoup small tray $95

Jollof rice Small tray $35

Big tray $70

Fried rice Small tray $45

Big tray $90

Coconut Rice Small tray $48

Big tray $95

Stewed soft chicken Small tray $50

Stewed hard chicken Small tray $65

Stewed goat meat Small tray $145

Stewed croaker fish Small tray $68

Appetizer platter Small tray $45

Moimoi $2.50 each

Ayamase Small tray $95

Asaro Small tray $60

Eforiro soup Small tray $100

Egusi soup Small tray $100

Mealgate story

Mealgate LLC is a catering service company involved in providing food for corporate organizations, weddings, birthdays, church events, house parties, and personal catering.

Experience Delicious Menu


Mealgate LLC is run by an executive chef, Blessing Odiase. Chef Blessing has over 20 years of experience in culinary creativity. She has worked and led teams in corporate America. She eventually built a commercial kitchen in 2019 where all catering and food production activities take place.

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Mealgate also produces baked chin-chin. Delicious and yummy. If you like shortbread, you would love our chin-chin

Customized Catering Solutions

We also prepare and package breakfast lunch or dinner for small groups of 10 or even large groups of 1000

Design Your Dessert

Our chef can craft delicious cheese cake cups and ice-cream sundaes. Just let us know your needs.

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